My fitness routine

Now that I have more time I’ve decided to start working out regularly for different reasons. I’m not trying to lose weight because I don’t need that but I want to get in shape because I am pretty week so I want to be stronger and just feel better. The other other reason is tennis. I’ve been playing tennis for 13 years and I want to continue playing in college. I’m going to send some recruiting videos to different colleges in the US and in order to do that I need to get stronger.


Now about my fitness routine. I’ve seen some Youtube videos and read articles about working out and I’ve created my fitness routine. These numbers and time of the different routines are probably going to increase as I work out but I’m starting off with this.

First I will start with stretching because that’s the most important part of your fitness routine. You don’t want to get an injury.

Along with the routine I’m going to be doing a June fitness challenge which I found on Pinterest (of course :)). It is a June 2012 challenge but that doesn’t matter because June still has the same days. This challenge includes sit-ups, crunches, plank and push-ups.


Then my workout will consist of this:

  • squats – 60 seconds
  • jump lunges – 20 each leg
  • leg moves – 20 each leg
  • double leg lifts – 30 lifts
  • wall sits – 45 seconds
  • calf rises – 30 rises
  • mountain climber – 60 seconds
  • side leg lifts – 30 lifts each leg
  • arm curls with weights – 30 each arm
  • side arm lifts – 30 lifts
  • running – as long as possible (at least 2 kilometers – 1.2 miles)
  • stretching

I intend to do everything everyday.  I’m also going to be practicing tennis everyday and I’ll probably play in some tournaments over the summer. I will keep you updated on how working out is going!

I got an inspiration from this video: so if you don’t know the names or you just want to see it, definitely go check it out. 

Do you work out? Share your tips in the comments 🙂

One Response to “My fitness routine”
  1. peacelovesequins says:

    I think I may try this work out! And I am with you I need to work out just to feel better and be healthier! And possibly tone 🙂

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