Nail polish wishlist

I love nail polishes. Hands look so much better with painted nails. I don’t own many nail polishes so I want to expand my collection. I went on Internet, checked out some online stores and found these nail polishes I want to purchase when I have the chance.

Since Sally Hansen is my new favorite brand, was the first website I looked at and these are the polishes that caught my attention.

 InstaDri-430-Brisk-Blue275              InstaDri-460-Snappy-Sorbet275

              Insta-Dri Brisk Blue                                    Insta-Dri Snappy Sorbet      

SmoothPerfect_SE                 SHCN_SGRCT_600SURAPL (1)

          Smooth & Perfect Color Sea                         Sugar Coat Sour Apple 

XtremeWear_PCFCBL (1)              CSM__ARMCNDY_275x275

        Hard As Nails Pacific Blue               Complete Salon Manicure Arm Candy

I have never tried Essie nail polishes and I really want to try them so I found some that I really like on

              first_timer                                tart_deco                                    play_date

         Essie First Timer                              Essie Tart Deco                                   Essie Playdate

What nail polishes are on your wishlist? 🙂


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