What’s in my bag

I like watching What’s in my bag videos on Youtube so I decided to do an article talking about it here on my blog. Tell me in the comments what you always have in your bag! 


This is the bag I have been wearing most of the time lately. It was a Christmas present and I really love this bag. It is made of leather and has a very good quality. It is spacious and I can fit a lot of things in it. The brand is TomEva and I’ve never heard of it before. It has a shoulder strap that can be taken off.



So, what I have in my bag on regular basis is my school binder because I wear this bag to school, too. Another necessities are pencil case and a calculator. I also have a water bottle, wallet, case for my glasses and a pouch that came with the bag.


I carry my phone, tissues, deodorant, my keys, bus card, perfume Shine, some lotion and lipsticks, chapstick, hair tie and bobby pins and hand sanitizer. This is what I always have in my bag 🙂


2 Responses to “What’s in my bag”
  1. Bree says:

    You’re so much more organized than me, I swear I just throw everything I own in my bag lol

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